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Fabrio's Gary Burnett has many years experience in the ICT industry, working in Ireland, the UK, Europe, India and the US. He helps technology companies change and grow.

Sir John McCanny: passion, commitment, determination.

Sir John McCanny has made a major contribution to both academic life and the high-tech industry in Northern Ireland and beyond. Widely published, he is an international authority on special purpose silicon architectures for Digital Signal and Video Processing and … Continue reading

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Mark Dowds: Bringing Silicon Valley to Belfast

Mark Dowds is a serial high tech entrepreneur, who has founded companies in the United States and Canada. Originally from Comber, he has recently returned to Northern Ireland from Silicon Valley as co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Trov, a … Continue reading

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Ampliphae’s Trevor Graham: “Make sure it’s as good as it can be.”

Gary: Trevor, tell us a little bit about Ampliphae and what it does. Trevor: Ampliphae is a start-up software company that’s in the Cloud networking space. What we do is to help enterprises make the transition from a world where … Continue reading

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Greg Wilson’s formula for success: work hard, believe in yourself, be determined.

Gary: Okay. So Greg, tell us about what Seopa is and does. Greg: Seopa actually started as a search engine optimization company which is where we get the S-E-O in SEOPA from. We started off doing SEO in the insurance and … Continue reading

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Novosco’s Patrick McAliskey – Never stop looking to improve.

Gary: Patrick, just to get us started, just tell us a bit about Novosco. Patrick: Novosco is actually two Latin words joined together – Novus and Agnosco, which means “new understanding.” That was the idea, when we formed, back in … Continue reading

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Tim Brundle, University of Ulster Director of Innovation: Build a team bigger than the problem

Gary: Tim – you’re Director of Innovation at the University of Ulster, but you have a number of other roles as well? Tim: I have two roles through the University of Ulster. The first is, as Director of Innovation, I … Continue reading

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Rob McConnell, Chairman of Momentum – 20,000 new IT jobs

Gary: Rob, you’re the chair of Momentum. What exactly is Momentum? Rob: Momentum is a long standing a trade association that represents organisations and individuals operating within the digital sector in Northern Ireland. We represent a large range of companies, … Continue reading

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Liberty IT’s William Hamilton – Grab every opportunity with both hands!

Gary: Willie, tell us a bit about Liberty in Northern Ireland. William: Liberty IT is based here in Belfast and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our parent company, Liberty Mutual Insurance.  Liberty IT is 15 years young and I joined … Continue reading

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Bill McCluggage Part II: “Being risk averse is not really my style”

Gary: So a huge skill that you’ve developed over the years is this ability to work with a range of people with a range of views, some who are more risk-averse than others and so on, and manoeuvering your ideas, … Continue reading

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EMC’s Bill McCluggage: Life is an adventure!

Part 1 of 2 Gary: Bill – tell us a bit about your career so far. Bill: Well, by background I’m an electronics engineer. I did my degree at Queens and spent 3 years of my life in the Ashby … Continue reading

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